The hiring process comes in 5 stages and will take you around 1-2 weeks to finish before you can start working with us. We want to process your application as fast as possible, without compromising due diligence and proper evaluation.

Stage 1 – Application submission

Submit a complete resume to or to our office.

Stage 2 – Exams (1 hour)

You’ll be provided with exams that consist of Logic, Sentence & Grammar, Spelling and Abstract Reasoning.

Stage 3 – Quick Interview

We’ll do a quick and casual interview with you.

Stage 4 – Paid test project (3 days)

We’ll challenge you with a test project related to the position you’re applying for – you’ll be compensated and it has to take place in our office.

Stage 5 – Audition Period (60 days)

After passing all the above - we'll offer a 60 days full-time audition/training period and you will be provided full compensation.

FINAL – Long term contract offer and benefits

We’ll offer a long term competitive employment contract and the benefits will kick in.

NOTE: We might choose to cut-short certain processes for exceptional candidates.